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So, What Makes us State Board Experts?

CosmoPreps was created by Julia Bowers, a State Board exam proctor and Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology educational director, from the observation that despite receiving great educations, students are still in need of support and guidance to prepare for their State Board exams after graduation.

Julia realized she has the knowledge, understanding, and passion to provide test-takers and their schools with valuable tools that ensure success. She built a strong team of professional women from many backgrounds to assist in making her vision a reality, including licensed instructors to conduct PrepsShops. Each brought in new perspectives, and in 2009 CosmoPreps was born with the conviction that we will be a full support system for success. We are dedicated to serving students, graduates, and school systems throughout the entire preparation for State Board testing and welcome you into the best industry on earth!

Cosmetic Kits for SchoolsOur Team

Julia Bowers, President & Founder
Jess Peabody, Operations Manager


Hear from cosmetology experts and mingle with your peeps as you prepare to rock your exam and welcome yourself to the best industry on earth.

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